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The Norfolk Public Art Commission

and the Five Points Park Planning Committee seek to

commission an artist to design and create artwork.

LOCATION/CONTEXT: The new Five Points Park sits between a once-bustling retail center and a busy five road intersection. The intersection is a major, north-south and east-west thoroughfare with 45,000- 65,000 cars passing through daily. Five Points has a history as a retail center with an exciting skyline of large 1950’s style signs atop each business attracting shoppers from the busy intersection. The area is surrounded by 14 neighborhoods of residential housing, three schools, and a community center. It is a pedestrian-friendly, culturally diverse, blue collar, working class community.

PROJECT SITE: The new neighborhood park is being designed now. There is a small stage for programming at one end of the park with a large open grass multipurpose area in the center, a tot lot, shade structures and casual seating. The park will accommodate smaller community gatherings, farmers markets, craft fairs, informal games, play, and relaxation. The entire park is surrounded by trees and sidewalks to buffer from traffic. It is easily accessible to pedestrians from five entrance points. It will be a landmark in the community supporting revitalization efforts. Site plan attached.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The committee would like to commission an artist to create thoughtfully delightful artwork. Artists may want to give a nod to Five Point history but should look to the future, representing the people who live in the area and will use the park. Artwork should focus on a fresh, revitalized identity and be a new brand. The artwork will draw people to the park and orient them to the space. We hope the final artwork will be light-hearted, connecting, unifying, blend with the park, refer to nature/the organic, and be symbolic of Five Points.

SIZE/MEDIUM: The artwork should draw people in from the busy intersection and be detailed enough to be enjoyed up close. There are light poles around the perimeter making electricity and the use of LED lighting easy. Artwork must be durable and of permanent materials that will stand the test of time. Materials must be safe and easily maintained.

ELIGIBILITY: This project is open to all artists. Norfolk Arts staff can assist new public artists and advise about materials, engineering, fabrication, insurance, construction, and installation.

PROJECT FUNDS: Up to three finalists may be selected to be interviewed in a virtual meeting by the Public Art Planning Committee. The finalists are not expected to complete a design at this stage but will be interviewed about past work and creative process. There will also be a preliminary discussion of the site. The committee reserves the right to select the final artist without a finalist process.

The total budget for the completed, delivered, and installed artwork is $125,000. This will cover artist’s honorarium, fabrication, materials, shipping, insurance, and travel expenses necessary to complete the project, project plaque, final documentation, and any incidental expenses. The artist must hire a Virginia licensed contractor to install the artwork(s). The selected artist may be asked to present an educational workshop or presentation to the community.

Please note that a city contract will be issued with a design phase requiring review and approval by the Public Art Commission prior to fabrication.

The selected artist must carry a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy naming the City of Norfolk as an additional insured and must provide certificates of insurance to that effect guaranteeing thirty (30) days written notice before any changes to the policies become effective. Insurance can be purchased, and certificate presented after the first payment is made. If the artist employs anyone in connection with this work, the artist must carry a worker’s compensation insurance policy and an automobile liability insurance policy if appropriate. The artist shall also be responsible for assuring subcontractors, if there are any, meet the same insurance requirements.

CALENDAR: This calendar is subject to change.

July 19, 2021,11:59 p.m. EDT time, submittal due date and time

Late summer 2021, selection announced

Summer 2022, completion of art

SELECTION CRITERIA AND AWARD CONSIDERATIONS: The commission will be awarded based on many factors such as the aesthetic value, creativity, and contemporary relevance of the proposed piece. The city will consider the diversity of beliefs and values and general standards of decency of the citizens who fund the commission and purchase public art for the City of Norfolk. The award will be made to the responsible offeror whose submission is determined in writing to be the most advantageous to the City taking into consideration the evaluation factors set forth in this Request for Proposal.

The following criteria will be used in the proposal evaluation process:

• Artistic merit (excellence, originality, creativity, and innovative approaches) as evidenced by submitted materials

• Professional artistic experience to fulfill the requirements of this project either in studio, educational, community, employment and/or art projects and the ability to undertake the design, creation, and installation of the artwork

• Appropriateness of materials, style, and concepts in relation to this prospectus

PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS: Submission must be submitted via Submittable website at by 11:59 PM EDT on July 19, 2021. There is no application fee to apply or use the Submittable online application system.

The following materials are required:

1. Statement of Understanding, online agreement of compliance to all State of Virginia codes. See last page of this document for Statement of Understanding.

2. Letter of Interest outline your interest in this project and how you will approach the artwork design and creation. (500-word max)

3. Resume, maximum of two (2) pages, outlining your professional accomplishments. If submitting as a team, please include resumes for each team member, with each resume not exceeding two (2) pages.

4. Artwork Images, selection of up to ten (10) images representing artworks most relevant to the scope of this opportunity. You may submit up to two (2) video files if relevant to showing the artwork.

5. References, three (3) professional references, including name, affiliated organization (if appropriate), email address, phone number, and relationship to each reference.

QUESTIONS/FOLLOW UP: Questions about this project may be directed to Danny Hawk, Office of the Purchasing Agent, at For assistance with the Submittable online application process, contact Submittable tech support at

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